Rice cake, an easy and economical recipe!

Just looking at the picture of this delicious rice cake is making me incredibly hungry! It is a simple recipe with few ingredients but the result could not have been better, this rice cake has conquered us and has gone into the family cookbook.

I had to share it with all of you because for dinner it is ten! Tasty, light and economical, you couldn't ask for more! Know more about Panoor restaurant near me.

We know that dinners are the ones that concern us the most because we want to eat well but we don't want them to have too much preparation, that's why this rice cake recipe  is going to be part of your usual dinners , I know it.

Look at the recipe and you will see how simple it is. If you want it to be a very quick recipe, you can prepare the rice the day before and reserve it in the fridge until the day you prepare this recipe.

Rice cake


  • 250g rice
  • 4 cans of tuna in oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Emmental cheese
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to prepare a rich rice cake:

Cook the rice with a little oil and salt for the time indicated on the package. After the time, we drain and reserve.

Add the oil from the tuna cans in a saucepan. When it begins to be hot, we fry the rice that we will already have cooked in that same oil so that it absorbs its flavor. Learn more about Green City restaurant Satwa.

With a plating ring we form layers: a layer of rice , a layer of mayonnaise well spread over the entire layer of rice (thirst generous), a layer of tuna, a layer of mayonnaise well spread over the entire layer of tuna (thirst generous), a layer of rice , a layer of tuna, a layer of mayonnaise well spread over the entire layer of tuna (thirsty generous) and finally, cheese (lots of cheese).

With the quantities indicated in the recipe, two individual rice cakes come out (they are very filling).

Remove the plating ring from the rice cakes and bake at 200ยบ until the cheese is gratin. We serve hot.

Dubai Metro: how does it work?

 If you travel to Dubai and want to know how to get around by metro, here is everything you need to know.

  • The Dubai Metro is one of the most straightforward and efficient in the world. It has only two lines (green and red) that connect for transfers at two times.
  • The red metro line, which is the main one, also connects to the tram that runs through the Dubai Marina area.
  • Its stops include some of the city's main points: The Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, and Terminals 1 and 3 of the airport.
  • Everything is perfectly marked in Arabic, English, and with particular drawings, so it is straightforward to use (even if you don't speak English). In addition, you will find plenty of support staff at the main stations. There are also user manuals and maps at all stations.

How do I use the Dubai Metro?

The Dubai metro is very easy to use:

1. Go to the nearest station. They are easily recognizable by their golden entrances. Consider that they do not cover the entire city but essential points: the airport (terminals 1 and 3), Burk Khalifa, and the Emirates Mall. Check out more at Today In Dubai.

2. Buy a ticket. There are machines in Arabic and English and lockers with English-speaking staff. You can pay in dirhams (AED) or with bank cards. It is essential to know which station you are going to because based on that is the cost.

3. Validate your ticket. You need to pass it through the machines when entering the metro so that the turnstile opens or look for where to validate it before getting on the tram.


4. Transfer. If necessary, change lines or combine the metro with another means of transport such as a bus or tram. Tickets will be valid for a maximum of 3 transfers.

5. Validate your ticket again. When you leave, do not forget to validate your ticket again so that the record of where you got off remains.

How much does the metro cost in Dubai?

Metro fares start at 3 dirhams. However, everything will depend on the distance you travel (how many zones), the type of ticket you buy, and the class you want to travel in (believe it or not, we have regular golf courses). Below I explain the different tickets you can buy and which one is best.

single metro ticket

A single ticket (the red one in the photo) will only serve you for one journey with a maximum of 3 transfers. The ticket issuance costs 2 dirhams to which you must add your trip: 4, 6, or 8.5 dirhams.

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Therefore, I do not recommend it unless you use public transport less than five times on your trip to Dubai.

NOL Card: silver transport card (silver card)

A card costs 25 dirhams, of which 19 are credited for your trips. It is a rechargeable card, and the advantages of acquiring it are the cost and ease of use.

It can be used and recharged whenever necessary, instead of buying a ticket by ticket. And although it costs you 6 dirhams, you save the 2 dirhams fee for each access. In addition, each of your routes is one diorama cheaper.

Therefore, this will be your best option if you visit the city for several days and make more than four trips.

Tickets and gold card

To the previous options, we have to add its VIP version. The one that works in the same way, but in which you will pay double for each of your journeys. Of course, you will have the opportunity to travel in the golden subway car.

Other ticket options for your trip

If you are going to visit the city intensely for one or two days, perhaps buying the unlimited travel per day card is best for you. The cost is 20 dirhams (5 US dollars).

For longer trips, there is the blue card that allows you to have unlimited trips for 50 dirhams. Of course, the card costs 70 dirhams, of which only 20 are credit. So it is only recommended for intense use of transport on your trip.

How many zones are there in Dubai?

Transportation in Dubai is divided into seven zones, although the metro only covers four. The metro ticket cost will depend on whether you travel within one zone, two, or three (the maximum charge is for three or more). You must be careful because, unlike in other countries, the zones are not concentric, so you can easily cross from one to another without realizing it. Of course, they are marked on the map.

Fines in the Dubai metro?

Avoid fines when traveling in Dubai. Some things prohibited in the Dubai metro are:

  • Eat and drink inside the carriages.
  • I was using the wrong car. There are "gold" wagons that are VIP; wagons for women and children; wagons for disabled people and people traveling with suitcases; and wagons for the general public.
  • Chew gum
  • It is not validating your ticket.

What other transportation options are there in Dubai?

In addition to the tram, which is connected and works very similar to the metro, there are also alternative transport options:

  • Cab
  • Uber
  • public buses

Pool Shop Supply

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Swimming Pool Sand Filter, Kripsol Sand Filter, Astral Sand Filter
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What We Supply?

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Why are they called Sand Pool Filters?

The reason why they carry the said name is that sand filters actually contain sand. They are made with #20 silica sand for the pool, measured at 45-55mm. After installing your swimming pool sand filter, water will flow through it and the harmful particles will be trapped inside the device. By having compact sand present in that area, even the littlest of sediments can be captured and kept there. Not forever, though.

Commonly your device has a backwashing form. This process cleans what is inside your pool sand filter. But as time goes by, these at the first-course group of filter sand becomes smoother and softer. As such, they will not have the capacity to effectively catch filth. Your mud puddle now becomes a soft bed wherein anything can easily go through. Do you ever have a memory of jumping into a swimming pool and thinking that the water feels a bit grainy? That actually means that the sand filter is not working as much as it should be. Is there a solution to this? Or do you required to buy a new one?

While most swimming pool sand filters do not require to be refurbished and can purpose up to 20 years, it is recommended to replace the filter sand it contains in just 5 years. By doing this, the competence of the device is retrieved and you can expect pool water to be clean and sparkling once more.

Rice cake, an easy and economical recipe!

Just looking at the picture of this delicious  rice cake  is making me incredibly hungry! It is a simple recipe with few ingredients but the...